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Is this Free?


Are there any restrictions in using these images?

Yes. If an image has a Copyright displayed, it's your responsibility to ensure you either display the CC attribution, or link back to the Splash! image.

This is neat! How can I donate?

Thank you for your interest! For the time being, Splash! doesn't require any monetary donations nor do we run ads on the platform.

You absolutely do not need to donate unless you want to. There are other ways you can help Splash! Please get in touch.

Do I need to attribute Splash! when using an image?

No. As mentioned earlier, only if the image has a CC attribution and you need to link back to us.

Who owns these images?

Their respective owners. We do our best to maintain the copyright attributions of each file that we store on our servers.

Therefore, if the image has one of caption, reference, or copyright, you are required to show them when using the image.

Any gotcha's?

  1. Obviously, don't to sell these images!

  2. Don't use our URLs. Splash! uses short lived URLs which will expire. Instead, you can download it.

    If you'd like to use Splash! to store or serve your images, you can apply for a Partner Account

  3. Again, if we provide Captions, References, or Copyright on an image, use them.

You can read more in our Terms & Conditions

I want to save a Collection, how can I do it?

Currently, only way to do it is to register a free account on and do it through Lists.